Four Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Thermiva

If you are suffer from urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, or are unhappy with the appearance of your vagina, you may be a candidate for ThermiVA. ThermiVA is a revolutionary treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of new collagen in the vaginal region. This new collagen helps improve many of the symptoms that lead women to consider ThermiVA in the first place. Take a few moments to research some of the ins and outs of ThermiVA so you can decide if its right for you.

1. ThermiVA Requires No Downtime

The ThermiVA procedure is a non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation. It requires no anesthesia at all, as the procedure is completely painless. During the procedure, a device known as an electrode is used in and around the vagina to deliver the desired level of heat. The amount of heat administered by the electrode is not uncomfortable. Patients can expect the entire procedure to take approximately 30 minutes.

Women are free to resume their daily activities once the procedure is complete. There are no side effects or downtime from the ThermiVA session.

2. The Procedure Strengthens the Vaginal Muscles

The heat that is administered during the procedure encourages the production of collagen. This new collagen helps improve the muscle tone of the vagina. Due to the increased muscle tone, many women find that problems related to incontinence are remedied by the ThermiVA procedure.

3. You Need Multiple Treatments to Obtain the Full Benefits

Though many women notice a change in both the appearance and tone of their vagina after a single session of ThermiVA, for the best results, women need to have three treatment sessions. These treatments should be spread out over the course of three months. Effects from ThermiVA continue even after the final session, as the body continues to produce new collagen.

4. You Can Customize Your Treatment 

Women can use ThermiVA to treat both the interior and exterior of their vagina. Interior treatments help improve tone and bladder problems, while the exterior treatments tighten loose tissue to improve the appearance of the vagina. Many women decide to have both interior and exterior treatments done. However, it is possible to just get exterior or interior treatments if you feel this better fits your needs. Consult with your ThermiVA specialist to determine what regime is best for your needs.

Instead of opting for extensive, painful surgery, see if ThermiVA is a viable alternative for your vaginal rejuvenation. Whether you need rejuvenation for medical reasons or aesthetics, ThermiVA can help you achieve your desired changes. For more information, contact clinics like Caring For Women.