Contact A Urologist If You Experience These Testicular Issues

A local urology center is a good place to turn if you experience any number of medical issues that affect a few specific parts of your body. While this center is synonymous with treating a wide range of issues that relate to the urinary tract, you may not realize that urologists can also help with issues that pertain to your reproductive system. Men should be in the habit of checking their testicles regularly. If you notice any type of testicular irregularity, you should contact your local urology center to schedule an appointment. Here are three testicular issues that should prompt you to reach out for help.

Testicular Lump

It's a concern when you notice a lump on one of your testicles, and this isn't an issue that you should ignore. While a lot of people might immediately think of testicular cancer when they become aware of a lump on this part of the anatomy, the reality is that testicular lumps can occur for all sorts of reasons. The issue may be a harmless cyst, for example. Regardless of the reason, you need to take action because of the potential seriousness of the issue. A urologist will assess the lump and begin whatever form of treatment you require.

Testicular Swelling

Your testicles are approximately the same size, but it's possible to encounter a scenario in which one of them becomes swollen. Swelling in the testicles can often occur as a result of trauma. For example, if you're an athlete who has had an impact with a ball or even with another competitor, you might begin to notice swelling in one of your testicles. Various infections can also cause swelling, and an infection can typically worsen when you ignore it. Regardless of what form of treatment you need, you'll be able to get it at your local urology center.

Testicular Pain

You'll also want to see a urologist if you're suffering from pain in one or both of your testicles. Many different issues can result in testicular pain. Traumatic incidents can cause pain, even if swelling isn't present. Another potential painful issue is testicular torsion, which is a twisting of the testicles that is painful. While you should visit an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency room if your pain is virtually unbearable, it's suitable to contact a urology clinic if you're experiencing mild pain. Look online to learn more about the services that are available at your local urology center