Seek Urgent Care For An Allergic Reaction

Just as people can have all sorts of different allergies, it's possible for your allergic reactions to vary. Some allergic reactions are extremely minor and are possible to manage yourself. Others are life-threatening, requiring a visit to a local emergency room. There are many other allergic reactions that fall somewhere between these two extremes. They're severe enough that you need medical attention, but not so dire that you need to visit an emergency room. In such a moment, it's appropriate to seek help at an urgent care facility. Here are some allergic reaction symptoms that may prompt you to seek urgent care.

Severe Skin Itch

Exposure to an allergen can often cause your skin to itch, and the itching may be so severe that you're unable to manage it on your own. For example, you might have such itchiness that you're scratching yourself almost constantly, and likely experiencing a considerable state of emotional distress at times that you're not able to scratch the itchy areas of your body. Excessive scratching has the potential to cause damage to your skin, and creating open wounds can lead to a serious infection. If you have a severe skin itch as a result of an allergic reaction, the medical staff at an urgent care facility can help.

Moderate Swelling

Some allergic reactions can cause swelling in various areas of your body. Swelling around the throat is especially serious and should warrant an emergency room visit, but other types of swelling may be enough to compel you to seek urgent care. For example, if you've developed swelling around your eyes that is causing them to become closed, you should have a family member take you to a local care facility. Swelling in various other areas of your body can also be a good reason to seek urgent care.


You might notice a pronounced cough that occurs as a result of your allergic reaction, and it may concern you either because of its chronic nature or its intensity. A strong cough can cause throat irritation in a short amount of time, and you might worry about your ability to manage this discomfort on your own at home. If you believe that your cough is resulting from your allergic reaction — likely because it's just appeared at the same time as your other symptoms — you can get help for it at an urgent care facility in your area.

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