Main Health Risks Of Having High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a common problem that many people suffer with, but a lot of these individuals do not even know they have this problem. Without getting tested, you will not know either; and if you leave it unaddressed, it can lead to two major health problems. If you are worried you might have high cholesterol, it's important for you to get tested and learn what the health risks are that this condition poses. [Read More]

Fighting Off Infection During Infusion Treatments

Bacteria can complicate medical conditions and cause death, in some instances; in fact, it increases the risk of morbidity from infection 20 times, which makes it a very dangerous consequence. Those individuals with catheters are even more at risk, and there are some very practical things that you should do to reduce your odds of contracting a bacterial infection. Some ways to prevent and fight off infection are: Know what to look for. [Read More]

3 Simple Ways To Show Your Support For A Friend In Rehab

Checking into a substance abuse treatment center can be one of the best decisions a person ever makes for themselves. However, the idea of getting sober can scare an addict for a wide variety of reasons. Wondering how they will be able to maintain friendships and enjoy social gatherings in the absence of alcohol is one enduring fear among those who are trying to get sober. It can mean a lot for you to show support for a friend who is entering rehab. [Read More]

Facing A Difficult Decision Regarding Your Pregnancy? How Pregnancy Counseling Can Help

Pregnancy can be an exciting and joyous time. However, sometimes this is not always the case. If a pregnancy is unexpected or initially unwanted, there can be a great deal of stress, worry, and conflicted feelings about the situation. And even when a pregnancy is wanted, news of a health complication for the mother or a birth defect or other genetic condition for the fetus can create conflicted feelings as well. [Read More]