Signs You Need To Start Thinking About Knee Replacement Surgery

As you get older, your bones, cartilage, and ligaments also get older. With areas like the knee and hip, the bone starts to wear out to the point that there is bone-on-bone activity that can become quite painful and make your joints stiff. A knee replacement is often done on patients who have arthritis and can be done in a special clinic or in a doctor's office. A knee replacement surgery can be elective or necessary to improve your overall quality of life.

Do you need knee replacement surgery? Is it time to start talking to your doctor about this type of surgery? Should you be concerned? Listen to your body and use this guide to help you know when knee replacement surgery is necessary for you.

You have a hard time getting around

When your arthritis or other bone issues become worse, it can make it harder to move around. You can have a more difficult time bending down or even walking on your knee, which will impact your ability to do normal activities. You should speak to your doctor about possible knee replacement surgery if you have a difficult time walking at a normal pace, are having so much pain you cannot sleep at night, or have other problems related to your knee. If you allow your knee condition to worsen, knee replacement surgery will become a necessary thing and not something you can choose to have done.

You have already had a knee replacement surgery

If you've already had one knee replaced, odds are the other knee may experience issues as well. Around 85% of knee replacements will last around 20 years, so if you have one knee replaced and are experiencing pain in the other, it may be time to have the other knee replaced as well. Talk to your doctor about having a second knee replaced after a successful first one.

You are in a lot of pain

A majority of patients have knee replacement surgery done because of the pain they are in. Pain is reduced dramatically in a grand majority of patients who have the surgery done, so if this is your driving force behind getting knee replacement surgery and other pain management treatments have failed, this can be a solution for you.

Once you have your knee replacement done, you are well on your way to a more productive and comfortable life. Follow your doctor's orders regarding the surgery and recovery to get the best results.