Why IV Drip Therapy Can Be Preferable To Taking Oral Supplements

When you think or know you are deficient in a certain nutrient, what do you do? Most people reach for an oral supplement, usually in pill form, and they take that supplement daily for a while. This has long been the preferred approach, but lately, there is another option that has become more popular: IV drip therapy. Instead of popping pills, you lie back while your blood is infused with a concoction that contains the nutrient or nutrients you need. But why is IV therapy often better than taking oral supplements? Take a look.

You don't have to rely on your digestive system to ensure you get the nutrients.

When you take an oral supplement, you are hoping that your digestive organs absorb it and it passes into your bloodstream and that it is then distributed to all of your cells that need it. Sometimes this happens, and sometimes it doesn't. With IV drip therapy, you bypass the digestive tract. The nutrients are placed right into your bloodstream where they can immediately be absorbed by any cells that need them. Basically, you can have greater confidence that the nutrients you take in are actually being used.

You'll enjoy effective hydration, too.

When you have IV drip therapy, the nutrients you receive are suspended in a liquid solution. This solution is meant to help hydrate your body. So many people are chronically dehydrated, and this negatively impacts their health in so many ways. By hydrating you, IV drip therapy makes you feel more energized and also helps your body be better able to utilize the nutrients in your infusion.

You don't have to remember to take a supplement every day.

So often, people purchase supplements and take them for a few days, but then they start forgetting to take them. You can't fully enjoy the benefits of a supplement if you keep forgetting to take it, and yet, remembering to take it is a pain! With IV drip therapy, you don't have to remember to pop a pill each morning. Usually, you can have just one infusion and your levels will be restored to a healthy balance. You might need monthly or bi-monthly infusions, but that's still easier to remember than taking a pill daily.

If you are deficient in certain nutrients, consider getting an infusion rather than taking supplement pills. It's easier, more effective, and will leave you nice and hydrated, too.

For more information, contact a clinic that offers nutritional IV drip therapy.