What You Should Know About Suboxone Addiction And Treatment

When people become addicted to opioids, their brains rely on getting these drugs. As a result, they suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms when they stop using opioid drugs. However, many people turn to medication-assisted treatment plans to stop their drug use, and a common drug they use is suboxone. Suboxone is a medication people take to break a drug addiction, but there is a risk of addiction to it when using it for this purpose. Here are several things to understand about suboxone addiction and treating the addiction.

How suboxone works for breaking addictions

Doctors often treat drug addiction by prescribing medications, and suboxone is one of the most common ones. Suboxone consists of two main medications. First, it contains buprenorphine, which helps control the withdrawal symptoms people experience when they stop using opioids. Secondly, it contains naloxone, which stops your brain from feeling the effects of opioid drugs.

The point of this medication is to help someone stop using illegal opioid drugs. Taking suboxone can ease the withdrawal symptoms, which helps a person stop turning to drugs. The downside is that some people become addicted to it.

Why people get addicted to it

If you decide to use suboxone for stopping a drug addiction, you must use caution. You should begin by following your doctor's orders for dosage. If you begin taking more than the doctor prescribed, you have a higher chance of developing an addiction to it. The reason is that your brain is already dependent on opioids. When you use suboxone to stop drug use, you might become dependent on this medication instead of on the drugs you were using before.

People who get addicted to suboxone often experience signs of their addiction. For example, a person might develop slurred speech and problems with critical thinking. Additionally, you'll experience major withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it while addicted.

What to do if you're addicted

If you believe that you might be addicted to suboxone, you should consider seeking professional help. First, you might want to tell a loved one about your addiction. Next, you should start looking for a treatment facility. Breaking a suboxone addiction is just as difficult as breaking an addiction to heroin or other opioid drugs.

Contact an addiction treatment facility

The best thing you can do is reach out for help if you're struggling with an addiction. An addiction treatment facility—such as Triangle Wellness and Recovery—can help you choose the right program to address your addiction.