Signs You Need To Start Thinking About Knee Replacement Surgery

As you get older, your bones, cartilage, and ligaments also get older. With areas like the knee and hip, the bone starts to wear out to the point that there is bone-on-bone activity that can become quite painful and make your joints stiff. A knee replacement is often done on patients who have arthritis and can be done in a special clinic or in a doctor's office. A knee replacement surgery can be elective or necessary to improve your overall quality of life. [Read More]

Why IV Drip Therapy Can Be Preferable To Taking Oral Supplements

When you think or know you are deficient in a certain nutrient, what do you do? Most people reach for an oral supplement, usually in pill form, and they take that supplement daily for a while. This has long been the preferred approach, but lately, there is another option that has become more popular: IV drip therapy. Instead of popping pills, you lie back while your blood is infused with a concoction that contains the nutrient or nutrients you need. [Read More]

Suffering From Knee Pain? 3 Non-Surgical Treatments Your Doctor May Recommend

Your kids may be a pain in your neck, but your knee pain may be the one that's really impacting your lifestyle. Chronic knee pain can make simple tasks like standing, walking upstairs, running, or sitting really painful. Although surgery may be something your doctor ultimately recommends, they will likely suggest a few non-surgical treatment options first to see if those work. Physical Therapy When you have injured knee joints or muscles, strengthening them will be one of the number one things that you can do to get back to normal and restore your movement. [Read More]